The Vurv Teardrop


The Vurv Teardrop has truly been a labor of love for me.  It has combined my passion for design and innovation with my obsession for light weight overland travel.


The basic premise behind my teardrop is to create a trailer that contains a queen sized bed, plus all the accoutrement required for comfortable car camping - all in a package that can be pulled by almost any vehicle and can fit in a standard garage.  Just hook it up and go, no need to stuff your car to the roof with gear, no tent to set up at the end of the day, and no need to buy a giant vehicle to pull it.


The first unique innovation of my design is the extremely lightweight plywood skinned foam structure.  These structural insulated panels help regulate temperature in heat and cold, while simultaneously providing an extremeley lightweight and rigid structure.


Old meets new.  A second unusual feature is the canvas and paint membrane system inspired from traditional boat building.  The beauty of this system is that it creates a continuous membrane that wraps the entire trailer structure - so there are no seams to re-caulk or leak.  A second benefit to this system is much lower VOCs in production (all water based finishes), and no other toxic chemicals or glass fibres.


The last requirement for me is that the trailer be modern and beautiful, inside and out.  Too many RVs and camper interiors look and feel like the inside of a refrigerator, or they have all the charm of Aunt Margery's kitchen from the 80's.  The small interior for me means attention to detail.  I think of the interior as a piece of modern furniture that you can sleep in.


I have finished my first trailer and have used it for several seasons of camping.  I am currently building my second teardrop, incorporating many details that I have developed on my first prototype.


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made in Canada